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West Hartford Youth Lacrosse League COVID 19 Protocol

Spring 2021

(updated 3/21/21)

I.  Rationale

West Hartford Youth Lacrosse League (“WHYLL”) intends to run a full spring season from March – June 2021 (the “Program”). As explained below in more detail, we plan to schedule and operate practices and games to best ensure the health and safety of all players, coaches and volunteers. The protocols outlined below were developed based on the guidance promulgated by the State of Connecticut Department of Public health for youth and amateur sports, and after consultation with other local youth sports programs and local officials. All players, parents, and volunteers will be notified of and must adhere to these protocols to participate in the Program. During the Program, WHYLL will regularly monitor guidance from local, state and federal authorities regarding youth sports activities and update the protocols to reflect current guidance, and disseminate changes to players, parents, and volunteers, as appropriate.

WHYLL is committed to ensuring a healthy and safe environment for all participants. We are also relying on the entire WHYLL community to work together, with everyone doing their part to ensure the success of the Program and safety of players, coaches, and volunteers.  To that end, the following protocols must be followed in all organized WHYLL activities.

  1. Responsibilities and Expectations
    1.  Coaches
      1. Ensure that players follow protocols and practice safe distancing when possible. Huddles, sharing water bottles, and high-fives are prohibited.
      2. Provide adequate spacing for lines prior to and following drills
      3. Split participants into small groups where possible.
      4. Mask wearing (multi-layer completely covering the nose and mouth and worn directly on the face) by all coaches during games and practices.
      5. Shared equipment is prohibited.
      6. “Streamline” practices and limit warm-ups, team meetings, and other “downtime”.
    2. Parents/Guardians
      1. If the player or a member of the player’s household is exhibiting any coronavirus symptoms, stay away from any WHYLL activity. 
      2. Take the temperature of the player before bringing him to a practice or game. If the player has a fever, DO NOT bring him to a practice or game. 
      3. It is strongly recommended that players travel to the venue alone or with members of their immediate household.  Please do your best to ensure this.
      4. Ensure that player has used the bathroom prior to practice.
      5. For each practice, provide the player with the following items:
        1. Labeled water bottle
        2. Individual equipment (Helmet, gloves, stick, arm pads, shoulder pads, cup, cleats or turf shoes, etc.)
      6. Food (including snacks, gum, and candy) is prohibited at all WHYLL events (unless needed for medical condition).       
      7. Spectators should adhere to social distancing guidelines. 
    3.  Players
      1. Mask wearing (multi-layer completely covering the nose and mouth and worn directly on the face) by all participants, including during active competition (games and practices).
      2. Players should dress in full equipment prior to entering the facility and undress only after leaving the facility. 
      3. Maintain appropriate distance from other players, coaches and volunteers when entering the facility and while on the field.
      4. Make sure that you are NOT sharing anything, including water and equipment.
      5. Use bathroom at home prior to arriving at fields.
      6. Be responsible for your own equipment and personal items - each player must pick up after himself. (Disposal containers will be limited)
      7. Store all equipment bags and other belongings six feet away from any other players’ belongings.

Parents of each player will be required to sign a waiver certifying that they acknowledge the risks inherent to playing lacrosse in the current environment. If there is a confirmed positive COVID-19 test within one of our families, but not one of the actual players or coaches, the player/coach connected to that family must suspend play until the WHYLL board of directors approves their return. If there is a confirmed positive COVID-19 test of a player or coach, please notify your coach and the WHYLL board of directors. 


We lost a lacrosse legend on Feb 2nd. 

Norm Smith


West Hartford Kid,  Conard All-State, UMass All-American, Father founded the league.(Neville).

Coached in the league in the early 80s, Played Lax until 2019.

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