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CVYL stands for Connecticut Valley Youth Lacrosse.  It is the youth league which West Hartford participates in, and the governing body for rules etc.  CVYL is made up of youth teams from Hartford and Tolland Counties along with Western Mass teams.


CVYL: US Lacrosse U-Based Age Segmentation & US Lacrosse Recommend Rules Changes

We are asking you, the CVYL Representatives to please go back to your league meetings, present and discuss the following:


  1. U-Based Age Segmentation Adoption:

    Motion: For the 2017 season, CVYL will adopt the US Lacrosse U-based age segmentation with a March, 1, 2002 date for 8th grade; and a September 1st date for the rest of the grades. Wavers will be considered to allow players to be played down.

  2. The age breakdown is included below:

CVYL Division

NEW Birthday range for 2017 season

NEW USL age designation

OLD Grade based designation


March 1, 2002* - Aug 31, 2004


8th & 7th


Sept 1, 2004 - Aug 31, 2006


6th & 5th


Sept 1, 2006 - Aug 31, 2008


4th & 3rd


Sept 1, 2008 - Aug 31 2010


2nd & 1st


  • For those with waiver questions:

    • Boys who are older, but wish to continue to play with their grade can petition CVYL to play down via a “waiver”. Guidance for boys applying to play down should be based on safety, size and experience.

    • Boys who would be a dominate player if they were to play down should not apply for a waiver

    • Boys who are in 8th grade and have birthdays that fall in January 1, 2002-February 28, 2002

    • Boys wishing to play up do not require a waiver.


      This motion will be voted on at the November meeting. Most of those that attended Tuesday’s meeting were in favor of adopting the age segmentation as presented in the above motion.  Most of the towns will have registration open soon so this is critical in how they set up for registration. Additionally We cannot move forward with rules adoption, modifications, etc. until we have a decision on this.


  • Adopting the US lacrosse rules as outlined by US Lacrosse (see attached PDF for your reference – I have put the age brackets in the order more applicable to us).

    • The biggest impact that is foreseen is the Bantams (U-10). Please go to your towns and discuss and come back with your input recommendation. We need to know the pros and cons of adopting these rules:

    • Some things to consider are modification to the goals; number of coaches needed, number of players needed for a team; having one “bigger team” to play a town but have two games going on at once side by side; field implications (could be one field split with using the restraining box as the GLE; cones, run two games at once); only need 1 official per game.

    • Keeping the 3 pass rule if the intent is increase the number of touches


      We will be discussion this at the November meeting with voting at the December meeting. While we will not be voting on this topic; we will need to have a good idea of where we are headed so that we can present our recommendations to Craig Brown for rules. I have put three motions together which we can obviously add in the detail as needed.


      Motion: For the 2017 season, CVYL will adopt the US Lacrosse rules as presented and outlined on the US Lacrosse website:

  • U-10: 6v6 (5v5 w/goalie)

  • U-12:

  • U-14:


    Motion: For the 2017 season, CVYL will adopt the following US Lacrosse rules as presented and outline on the US Lacrosse website (attached) with modifications such as:


    Motion: For the 2017 season, CVYL will not adopt the following US Lacrosse rules as presented and outline on the US Lacrosse website. CVYL will continue to present the CVYL rules.


    There are some additional links from US lacrosse that can guide you in your discussion with the leagues.

  • Coaching Progression Playbook http://www.uslacrosse.org/athlete-development/resources


    Girls Adoption:

    Some towns have reached out to me with regard to how to position this for the girls. Unfortunately I have not seen anything from CVGYL (the girls’ league) on how they are moving forward. What I do know is whatever CONNY is choosing they are doing so for both boys & girls, and I believe NECLAX will be doing the same. I will hope to have more detail after the CT Chapter meeting. I would ask that someone in Mass find out what they are doing for the girls.


    The next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 1st at 7:00pm, Grace Church, 311 Broad Street, Windsor.