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For All Equipment questions please contact Carl Taylor, Equipment Manager, at (860) 874-8479, or at .


Players must supply the following equipment themselves:
Shoulder pads:                   May be either lacrosse shoulder pads or hockey shoulder pads. If they are hockey shoulder pads, they can only be forward/ defense shoulder pads -  not hockey goalie pads.
Also, keep in mind that, although hockey pads are bigger, they may also be heavier & hotter.
                                                Football shoulder pads cannot be used.
Arm/Elbow pads:               Should be lacrosse pads.

Football armpads aren’t heavy enough, & hockey pads don’t cover the forearm sufficiently.
Gloves:                                 Lacrosse gloves. Do not cut out the palms &/or the fingers of the gloves, or buy any gloves so altered. They are illegal for play.
Most hockey gloves do not work well for lacrosse, because they are too stiff.
Lacrosse stick:                   If you have not bought  a lacrosse stick, buy an entry level attack/midfield stick. These can be purchased for $29.00-$35.00.
Do not buy a more expensive stick. Remember, the player makes the stick- the stick does not make the player!
Molded sole cleats:           Either soccer or football molded sole cleats. Screw-in cleats are not allowed.
Cup supporter:                   Strongly recommended, required for goalies!
WHYLL supplies the following equipment:
 Reversible tank top jersey for practice:           Player keeps reversible tank top jersey at the end of the season
Defense shafts:                  Must be returned at the end of the season
Goaltender equipment:    Must be returned at the end of the season
(chest protector, bib,
 goal stick)
Lacrosse equipment can be purchased at the following local establishments
Play It Again Sports:     15 South Main Street         West Hartford
Sartorious Sports LTD:    177 West Main                    Avon (also Glastonbury, & Southington)
Dick’s Sporting Goods:     2985 Berlin Turnpike          Newington (also Manchester, Canton & Plainville)
There may be other area retailers and on the internet.