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Neville Smith Tournament Rules of Play

  • All games: 20 Minute running time Ten Minute break between games PLEASE MOVE TO YOUR NEXT FIELD QUICKLY AND BE READY TO PLAY ON THE CENTRAL HORN.
  • No horns-change on the fly-
  • All technical fouls are simple change of possession
  • All Personal fouls- offending player must leave the field- and remain out of play for at least one minute…Coaches please monitor.
    • Restart at point of the foul outside the box
    • Offending team will hold a substitute in the box area and may substitute on the restart whistle…Coaches please monitor.




  • You will not be playing teams from your own town.  Because we have a small field of teams this year, we have added games…each team will play a minimum of 5 games and a couple of teams will play 6 in order to make sure that you have a variety of teams to play.  This is Jamboree style play.  This was our original concept…get a bunch of teams together with officials and play a lot of lacrosse.  Our intent is to continue this next year with a goal of 16 teams….please pass the word for next year.
  • All teams will play multiple back to back games in Jamboree style…We have scheduled shorter sessions with a slightly longer recovery period between games.  
  • Coaches are responsible for their players and for their team’s fans
  • All issues should be addressed with the officials first and then the Tournament Official:  John Tarnuzzer,  at the main tent (We also have two senior officials who will be monitoring all games)
  • Please leave all game balls on the field (behind the end lines) after each game so that we can keep things moving
  • A Trainer with a portable treatment van will be on site for all player injuries
  • Tee shirt vendor will be on site with customized merchandise
  • Food will be available all day (Coffee in the morning!)
  • Officials will be selecting one player each from each game who will be eligible for awards for exemplifying the spirit of the Neville:  running hard, playing with great spirit, showing great sportsmanship toward his brother lacrosse players.

Any profits are used to support WHYLL and to provide awards to our young Neville Smith Tournament players. Our vision for the Neville was to provide a unique playing experience for Junior B players.  We feel strongly that all players should know and hopefully embrace the ancient roots of the game and our modern connection.  We humbly honor Neville Smith by embedding the Iroquois Confederacy flag and nation names throughout the tournament. 

Please be sure to save this date for next year.  Thank you for helping us keep the memory of our dear brother in lacrosse, Neville Smith, alive in the hearts and minds of our young players in the best way we could think of:  playing the game!
Honor the Game!