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Neville Smith helped found the West Hartford Youth Lacrosse League.  
Neville Smith Biography    - reprinted with permission from the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame

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Neville Smith began his long association with lacrosse through Canadian Box Lacrosse, played during the 1930s throughout Western New York, Ontario, and on all reserves of the Iroquois Confederacy. He played six-man box lacrosse in those early years.
In 1949, Smith moved to Connecticut, leaving box lacrosse behind and joining the forces to develop field lacrosse in the Northeast. In 1956, he co-founded the Connecticut Valley Lacrosse Club and had been president of the Connecticut Valley Lacrosse Association for more than 20 years. Through his auspices, lacrosse was established in the high school and youth levels through the West Hartford Youth Lacrosse League, which Smith also founded.
A charter member of the U.S. Club Lacrosse Association, his 30-year involvement has made Smith the commissioner of the USCLA and chairman of the Awards Committee. Smith has also been a member of the New England Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association and the U.S. Lacrosse Coaches Association for more than 30 years, guiding the development of lacrosse teams and organizations.

As founder of the former U.S. Box Lacrosse Association, Smith represented the team at the world's first box lacrosse tournament in Vancouver in 1980.

Smith has long championed the cause of the Iroquois Nationals/Native American Lacrosse Programs. Banned from international competition in 1880, Smith's untiring service to the Native Americans assisted the Iroquois Nationals in returning to international competition and prominence.

Smith's endless contributions are evident in the numerous awards received since his lacrosse crusade began: founders awards, distinguished service awards, "Man of the Year" awards, etc. In 1990, Smith received the Howard E. Johnson Memorial Award presented by the Lacrosse Foundation and sponsored by the Maryland Lacrosse Club. It was given for his work in all facets of the development of the game.

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